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NYC Dispatch: Tasting Colombian in Queens

mario exterior

Here's what happens when you get to chatting with fellow drivers at the taxi garage before your shift starts: you end up at a Colombian restaurant in Jackson Heights face to face with a plate of pork belly.

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NY Dispatch: Unfinished Symphonies and Spinach Cartwheels

john mike's due ext

I wasn't surprised when the cabbie told me he was a New Yorker "born and bred." He had that no-nonsense, don't-waste-my-time New Yorker way about him - but that didn't stop him from telling me he's also classical pianist with two unfinished symphonies and a passion for oysters.

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Ready, Set, Soul

RCL exterior

As we studied the menu on the wall - pigs feet! oxtails! jerk chicken! ham hocks! - I remembered taxi driver Troy Johnson's recommendations. Troy was the reason my three co-adventurers and I were at RCL, and I wanted to be sure we tried his turkey wings and smothered pork chops.

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From the Driver’s Seat: Bits of Light

light taxista bryant park

This weekend marks six months since I started driving a yellow cab in New York City. I may still be a rookie, but I know one thing: I never would have survived any of my shifts without at least one instance of light.

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Two Lessons and Terrible Tacos (Part 2)

reality drives 1st ave

You can learn a lot about a person by eavesdropping on their cell phone calls. And when someone initiates a chain of calls from the back seat of my cab, I feel no shame about listening in. I may be invisible to some of my passengers, but they're never invisible to me.

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