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Emigration, Recession, Couscous

Cracking a smile at 59th & Lex.

About halfway through my ride with Hossam from Spanish Harlem to Midtown, I asked him what inspired him to leave Egypt. "I hate it," he said. "What do you hate about it?" I said. "Why is that important?" he said, "What does that have to do with Taxi Gourmet?"

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From the Driver’s Seat: Hysterical Bride, Repeated Pita

Wilfredo repairing my busted brake light. Thanks to him, I now know to check the Daily News on Fridays to get updates on weekend street closures.

I wasn't sure why the cop started flashing his lights at me when I turned left onto 72nd St. from Park Avenue, but I decided to let the hyperventilating bride-to-be in the passenger seat ("We're getting PULLED over?!") do the talking when he sauntered up to my window.

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Following Tariq’s Trail

Peaking into the kitchen at Sahara Restaurant.

As I breathed in the scent of roasting eggplant and listened to the faux waterfall trickle onto Sahara Restaurant‘s patio, I hoped that the long journey to cabbie Tariq‘s favorite Turkish food in New York had been worth it. A kicky breeze stirred the grapevines overhead while women in saris ...

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Where Everybody Knows Your Name (in Punjabi)

The $6 vegetarian lunch platter. No chilis necessary (for me).

One of the many mysteries I've wondered about since I started driving a cab is why so many cabbies hang out near the taxi stand on 9th Ave/20th St. Starting around 10am, almost every car on the block is a hack's. Today, thanks to a tip from Salem P., I tasted the reason...

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Leads & Lessons from a Kashmiri Traveler

Tariq on the corner of 3rd Ave & 85th St.

The mood in the taxi shifted when I told Tariq I was a fan of Curry in a Hurry and that I planned to check out Sahara Restaurant and Eastern Fruit. The cabbie's eyes brightened. His shoulders dropped. He turned to look at me through the plexiglass partition.

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Abbreviations and Bangladeshi Food

When I met fellow food pilgrim Kira Lerner in Times Square to kick off a taxi adventure last week, I ended up face to face with underwhelming Bangladeshi food - and a cabbie who abbreviates his name in the midst of the post-9/11 fear that still permeates New York.

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