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Buenos Aires Flashback: It Started with Steak

parrilla pena guia oleo

Three years, four months and sixteen days ago, I went on my very first taxi adventure in Buenos Aires. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't gotten into the cab that Enrique was driving and ended up at Parrilla Peña. Oh, that steak...

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Who needs beef when you’ve got blood sausage?

Translation: Due to recent events that the public is aware of, generated by the depletion of the meat (i.e. beef) sector, we are letting you know that the products we’re serving today from the grill are the following: Chorizo (sausage) and blood sausage Kidneys and sweet breads Pork flank steak ...

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Parrilla Peña

“I have sort of a strange request,” I said, sliding over the ripped backseat of the four-door Fiat, “Can you take me to your favorite restaurant?” The taxi driver stopped in the middle of the street – oblivious to the honking cars that swerved around us – and turned to ...

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