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Buenos Aires Flashback: Top 5 Cabbie-Recommended Steaks


When I was doing taxi adventures in Buenos Aires, lots of cabbies told me "it's not a meal without un buen bife." Though a lot of taxistas insisted that the best steaks came from their own barbecues, they also led me to some of Buenos Aires' finest cheap parrillas. Here are my five favorites.

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Buenos Aires Flashback: It Started with Steak

parrilla pena guia oleo

Three years, four months and sixteen days ago, I went on my very first taxi adventure in Buenos Aires. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't gotten into the cab that Enrique was driving and ended up at Parrilla Peña. Oh, that steak...

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Buenos Aires in Berlin (sans empanadas)

thomas in cab from outside

He was reading a Ken Follett novel when I poked my head through the passenger's side window. When I asked him about his favorite restaurant, he said he never ate out. But for some reason, we sensed this wasn't entirely true. “Well, there is a steak house I like..."

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A Taxi Adventure Marathon with The Guardian

A few Saturdays ago, The Guardian travel writer Vicky Baker and I embarked on a taxi adventure marathon in Buenos Aires. True to the spirit of the taxi adventures to date, we met three remarkable cabbies who showed us three excellent restaurants far off the city’s tourist circuit: El Viejo ...

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Follow the Cow

As part of their ongoing protest the against the government’s agricultural policies, Argentine farmers declared a seven day moratorium on the sale of beef and grains as of midnight Friday, March 20. In light of impending meat shortages, my co-adventurers and I were happy to follow the cow to one ...

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The 24 Hour Steak House

Buenos Aires: cradle of tango, stronghold of soccer, metropolis of beef. If you’re trying to get a sense of how deep the local passion for meat runs, Lo de Charly might give you some clues. The grill is perpetually lit at this 24 hour steak house in Villa Urquiza, and ...

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Adventures con Carne in Avellaneda

Irresistible is the best way to describe Mario, the 52-year old taxista from Avellaneda (a southern Buenos Aires suburb) who insisted he knew nothing about food outside his neighborhood. “I never eat in the capital,” he explained as he maneuvered through the madness of downtown Buenos Aires and merged onto ...

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