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Berlin Dispatch: Rejection and Lamb Chops

The grill master at Adana Grill Haus.

It was the worst start of a taxi adventure so far in Berlin. I'd gone down the entire line of cabs waiting at the taxi stand in front of the Adlon Hotel near Brandenburg Gate. No driver wanted any part in my food quest.

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We have many favorite restaurants in Berlin (Video)

The kofte peaks out from underneath the vegetables.

No matter how many taxi adventures I've done, I still get the same jitters as when I did it the first time. Here's some video of the lead-up, the approach, and my initial negotiations with Ergan, the driver of my latest adventure who's been a Berlin cabbie for seven years.

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Following Tariq’s Trail

Peaking into the kitchen at Sahara Restaurant.

As I breathed in the scent of roasting eggplant and listened to the faux waterfall trickle onto Sahara Restaurant‘s patio, I hoped that the long journey to cabbie Tariq‘s favorite Turkish food in New York had been worth it. A kicky breeze stirred the grapevines overhead while women in saris ...

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Turkish Delight, Further Afield

bay ridge apps

Back in January, after Huseyin Kanal led my co-adventurer and me to Adana kebab at Uskudar and extraordinary baklava at Gulluoglu, we knew we had to try the cabbie’s favorite spot for chicken gyro in New York. When he agreed to meet us there, we were even more inspired to check it out...

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The League of Extraordinary Baklava

Gulluoglu Baklava & Cafe on 52nd St and 2nd Ave.

There is a lot of bad baklava in this world. If you've ever fallen victim to soggy, honey-soaked, butter-laden pastry where nuts get lost and no amount of strong coffee can beat back the sweetness, you know what I'm talking about.

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Turkish Delight

Huseyin Kamal in the driver's seat.

When Huseyin Kanal picked up my co-adventurer and me at the corner of 14th and Broadway, I knew not to state my agenda right away. Holding my hunger in check, I asked him to take us to the corner of 28th and Lex and threw what’s now my standard pitch to New York cabbies…

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Istanbul: Eduard’s Second Home Run

I could feel the heat from the döner kebab the moment I opened the door to Istanbul, the second Rego Park restaurant* that taxi driver Eduard Zavlanov recommended during our ride through Midtown Manhattan. When he’s craving Turkish food, the musician from Uzbekistan told me that this is his favorite ...

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Boris, Eduard and Two Kinds of Heartbreak

Two taxi rides, one Russian and one Uzbeki-Persian-Jewish cabbie added up to a couple of mind-bending stories, zero lunch, and two tantalizing restaurant recommendations. Boris – who was born in “a small town in Russia called Moscow” and used to fly planes for Aeroflot – told me that he eats ...

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