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Who needs beef when you’ve got blood sausage?


Due to recent events that the public is aware of, generated by the depletion of the meat (i.e. beef) sector, we are letting you know that the products we’re serving today from the grill are the following:

Chorizo (sausage) and blood sausage
Kidneys and sweet breads
Pork flank steak
Grilled pork tenderloin
Boneless chicken
Pink salmon

As of last night, this was the scene at Parrilla Peña – and at the majority of Buenos Aires’s steak houses, supermarkets and mom-and-pop stores.

Today, however, the city promises to resume its carnivorous ways: nearly 14,000 cows went to auction in Liniers for the first time since the farmers’ strike started 21 days ago. The agricultural powers that be have decided to suspend their protest for a month and give the government a chance to mull over their demands.

How will this week’s taxi adventure play out in light of the Return of the Rib Eye?

Stay tuned…

PS – Even in the absence of its star player, Parrilla Peña – the site of my first taxi/food quest and now one of my favorite steak houses in BA – serves an outstanding meal. After stuffing ourselves with the restaurant’s house-made chorizo, morcilla [blood sausage] and matambre de cerdo [pork flank steak], my meat-seeking friends and I barely missed our bifes.

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