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Berlin Dispatch: Autofiktion, Zorba the Greek, Gorgeous Curry & Blood Sausage (Part 1)

There is no lead, no quote, no way to dive into describing yesterday’s taxi adventure in a way that would do justice to the man who led it.

He’s the author of a blog called Autofiktion: Untrue stories from the Real Life of a Berlin Taxi Driver. He’s also working on a book based on his adventures driving from Berlin to Istanbul via Romania, Bulgaria and the Balkans.

He’s a photographer who occasionally sells his stuff at the Boxhagener Platz and Mauer Park flea markets on Sundays.

He likes to spend his holidays in Bulgaria, where his father was born, and where “the mafia isn’t part of the government. The government is part of the mafia.”

He also likes to take advantage of all the waiting he does in his taxicab by taking pictures, writing and reading voraciously. Some of his favorite authors? Michel Houellebecq, Iliya Trojanov (a Bulgarian social commentator), and Nikos Katzanzakis, who wrote Zorba the Greek, a book he read for the tenth time while he was on vacation in Bulgaria this August. The title character, who dances as everything falls apart around him, is one of his heroes.

Though the cabbie asked me not to tell you his real name, he said I could post some video of him on the blog, which I’ll work on editing next week. He had some fascinating things to say about how Berlin is changing, evolving into something entirely different than it was when he came to the city 20 years ago.

And I almost forgot! He also led my co-adventurers (Audrey and Daniel from, whose travel/food/philosophy site you should definitely visit) and me to delicious Vietnamese curry and a tasty plate of blood sausage and sauerkraut that he referred to as “deaf grandma.”

To be continued…

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