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A New York Taxi Driver’s Food Tour

7 days + 1 hungry Canadian pastry chef + 1 food-obsessed New York cabbie + 2 skinny wallets + 5 boroughs of spectacular restaurants = a New York taxi driver’s food tour.

Carolynn is coming to New York. I realize you might not know who she is, so let me explain why this is momentous. Carolynn is a pastry chef. She’s an accomplished cook. She loves cheese as much as I do. Actually, she loves all food as much as I do.

I met Carolynn two years ago at an empanada festival in northwestern Argentina, where we stuffed ourselves with clay oven-baked meat pies that still haunt us with their bygone perfection.

After the empanada festival, she was the one friend who didn’t think it was crazy to take a 5-hour bus ride to a cake festival in the province of Buenos Aires, where we spent three days mooning over Balcarce dessert that she’s been trying to recreate ever since.

Tomorrow, Carolynn is flying from Vancouver to New York to spend an entire week eating the finest cheap food in the Biggest Apple. I want her to taste the best things cabbies have recommended to me, and I want her to try the tastiest stuff I’ve found driving around in my taxi.

And I want to make you very, very hungry, so I’m going to document where we go, what we eat, and how much we spend.

Stay tuned and prepare to salivate.

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