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New York en route to Berlin Dispatch


After a year and a half in New York City, I know there are too many interesting cab rides, too many great meals, too many only-in-New York flavors to leave the taxi adventures here behind.

I’m heading to Berlin today to restart the taxi adventures across the pond, but the New York food quests will keep on keeping on.

Jared Cohee, author of Calm of the Niger and creator of the blog Eating the World in New York City, will continue the food quests in Gotham. If you aren’t familiar with Jared’s stuff, I think you’ll enjoy his stories. There’s nothing this guy won’t eat, and he’s as passionate about going behind the scenes of his meals as he is about exploring his adopted city from his headquarters in Spanish Harlem.

Meanwhile, I’m going to attempt to finish what I started in Berlin over the summer. My sense from the taxi adventures there so far is that this is a city where flavors are deepening and diversifying at warp speed. I want to taste it as it happens.

Stay tuned.

And if you think you might be interested in attempting a taxi adventure of your own, check this out.

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