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Taxi Gourmet Tours in Berlin

Eat where the locals eat – and taste what makes Berlin one of the most fascinating cities in the world right now.

Whether you’re craving traditional German dishes, Turkish delights, or flavors from around the world, a Taxi Gourmet Tour is your passport to some of the most flavorful spots in Berlin.

How it works: My partner (a veteran Berlin cab driver and licensed city guide) and I will pick you up in a Berlin taxi and take you on a tasting tour you’ll never forget. Experience some of our favorite cabbie-friendly places to eat, nibble on delicious snacks, and finish things off with a meal at one of our favorite restaurants.

Along the way, hear fascinating stories about the city, its history, its art, its architecture, and its fast-changing culture.

beer croppedTour Options:

Ostalgie and Old Berlin: Amidst all that’s changing in Berlin, a good beer, a loaf of dense German bread, and the city’s finest currywurst are reminders of what’s solid and unwavering. On this tour, taste traditional German food and soak up the atmosphere at a genuine Berliner Eckkneipe (corner pub).

Around the World in Berlin: After the Berlin Wall came down, Germans, especially young Germans, started traveling to new places and bringing back cravings for things they tasted on the road. At the same time, new Berliners began to introduce the city to dishes like Sudanese falafel, Vietnamese red curry and Syrian mezza (tapas). Sample these and more of the big flavors livening up the Berlin foodscape.

turkishIstanbul in Berlin: Berlin is home to the largest Turkish community outside of Istanbul – for years, Turkish restaurants have been cooking up some of the most striking flavors in the city. On this tour, feast on delicacies beyond döner kebab, from lahmajun (Turkish pizza) and börek (baked/stuffed pastry) to Izmiri köfte (sausage) and künefe (cheese-stuffed filo pastry with syrup).

Best of the West: Taste the bounty at the most iconic deli in West Berlin, visit a Russian snack bar and an after-hours sausage stand that’s a Berlin chef favorite. Finish off with a microbrew across the street from a 300-year-old castle.

Build your own tour: Want to experience traditional dishes and sample new flavors – all in one tour? We can do that. Want to taste Berlin without the meat? Hit the best places for a beer with the locals? We can do that, too. Tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll design a custom tour for you.

cabbage roll westTour Rates

50 euros/hour
Rates include pickup/drop-off at your hotel or preferred meeting point
Rates do not include food/drinks

Tour Duration

2-2.5 hours (or longer upon request)

Tour Size

1-3 participants (due to the size of the taxi)

Tour Languages

English, German, Spanish, and/or Italian

Contact & Tour Reservations
For more details or to make a reservation, contact [email protected]