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2022 Rolex Explorer II 216570 Black Dial

Since its official discontinuation in 2021, the Rolex Explorer II Model 216750 is no longer in production and is completely unavailable at the retail level. This means that the pre-owned market is now the only place to find it for sale. With that in mind, given that the Rolex Explorer II 216750 has been in production for a full decade, the black and white “polar” dial versions are still readily available on the secondary market. 
The price of a Rolex Explorer II ref. 216570 watch will vary depending on its age, dial color, overall condition, and whether the watch still has its original box and paperwork. As of June 2021, the reference 216750 watch can be priced between $10,000 and $14,000, which is significantly higher than the original retail price of the reference 216570, but still on the low side relative to the current price of a modern stainless steel replica Rolex sports watch.
It is also worth noting that while the Explorer II 216750 has the same retail price for both the black and white dials, the open market price for the “Polaris” model is significantly higher and some collectors are willing to pay several thousand dollars more for an identical watch with a white “Polaris” dial. Furthermore, this trend is not limited to the 216570 models, as almost all “Polaris” Explorer II watches, regardless of model, are worth more than their classic black dial counterparts.
As far as what to look for when buying a Rolex Explorer II, all of the usual rules when shopping for a pre-owned Rolex still apply. Rolex is the most famous luxury brand in the world and it is a popular target for counterfeiters. It is estimated that there are now more fake Rolex Datejust watches in existence than the real thing, and this means that it is now more important than ever before to only buy from a trusted and reputable source. The old saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is” always applies, and if you ever see an Explorer II for sale at a price that is thousands of dollars less than the other ones you see listed, there is a very good chance that the watch is not authentic.
For much of its history, the Rolex Explorer II has been one of the most underrated and overlooked watches from the brand’s entire catalog. However, that has entirely changed within the last several years.

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